Wireless Networking

Delivering wireless solutions that achieve high levels of coverage in the most unreachable or not always accessible areas.

Wemtech has extensive experience planning WIFI to cover even the most difficult areas. We assess and analyse wireless requirements, then plan and place access points for maximum coverage and density in areas once thought unreachable.

We plan wireless networks to cover outside space where a fast connection is required, using WIFI to link inaccessible buildings to the network using point-to-point technologies. Working with many businesses, organisations and education establishments, Wemtech has delivered wireless solutions to increase WIFI coverage to many organisations, transforming business, enhancing education.

Hotspot Solutions

A short burst whilst in reception or access required during a meeting, you may want to offer wireless connection to customers by offering temporary access. Wemtech can set up Hotspots in your building for easy access when required. Setting up controls for usage but with fast, easy to access connection to enhance the visitor experience.

If you would like to understand more about wireless networking or hotspots for your business, please contact us on 0330 120 0606 or email info@wem-tech.co.uk