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Most businesses today are highly reliant on technology if not totally. When technology fails the impact is felt throughout. Through our managed services program, you can rest assured that your critical infrastructure including your business applications, email, and communication tools will be available when you need them.

IT Support

Your IT infrastructure is a critical and strategic component of your organisation, ensuring you operate 24/7. Without a well maintained and supported system, you won’t function at all.

Hosted Desktops

Your business, anywhere, anytime, on the Wemtech Cloud. It’s as simple as that. You can always access your business, because you can always access your Cloud Hosted Desktops.

IT Consultancy

We understand IT can be a minefield, which is why we provide jargon free advice and recommendations simplified in our consultancy service. We work on improving business performance as priority, whether fixing a technical fault that needs immediate attention or when planning multiple site installations.

Hosted VoIP

A hosted VoIP business phone system, offering more than a standard BT system AND at a great price. Wemtech’s system is a smart, affordable, purpose-built phone system for small to medium sized businesses.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud computing suite helps businesses benefit from the latest desktop and server technologies, without the capital outlay of purchasing hardware for installation. This includes hosted email, hosted VoIP, remote backup, cloud managed security, hosted servers, web hosting and more.

Data Centre Colocation

If you don't quite have the requirement to take a whole rack in a data centre. Wemtech can provide you with a flexible colocation plan which enables you to pay for just what you need while providing the data centre experience.

Hardware & Software Suppliers

Wemtech are partners with Microsoft, HP, Dell as well as many other leading suppliers. This allows us to provide high quality products at prices lower than online retailers. We also provide onsite warranties and care-packs for your hardware, as well as providing reliable advice on software and upgrades to enhance your current systems.

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