VoIP Telephony

Save money and enjoy reliable connectivity with a hosted VoIP phone system tailored to your business.

Unlike conventional phone systems (which require expensive line rental), Voice over Internet Protocol phones use a broadband internet connection to keep you connected for a fraction of the cost.

Future proof your organisation and stay ahead of the competition.

Why VoIP Telephony?

No service disruption

Cloud hosting offers 100% connection guarantee and complete disaster resilience.

Save money

Connect multiple sites on one system – and enjoy significant cost savings as traditional ‘lines’ are not required.

Work from anywhere

Quickly and easily divert call to your mobile for on-the-road or home working. Login with a handset or software client.

Simple online management

Control everything via the internet - add numbers, change settings and delete or add users etc.

Monitor calls and performance

Use real-time call data and reporting to judge the effectiveness of client-facing teams.

Efficient call distribution

Ensure inbound calls are directed to the most appropriate person to handle them.

Frequently asked questions

What is VOIP telephony?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an established telephone technology which allows calls to be delivered over the Internet instead of a traditional ‘line’ system.

How does it work?

Users still use a handset or mobile to access the system, but calls made and received over an internet connection via the Cloud.

Is it easy to install?

With very little equipment required, installation is quick and easy – and the system can grow in proportion to your business.

Why is it cheaper?

Compared to a conventional telephone system, VoIP phones cost much less because there’s far less capital expenditure and you don’t need to pay for expensive BT lines that are not required.

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