Servers & Storage

From 5 users to corporate networks of 100’s or 1000’s, we design and build a platform fit for purpose, production and business performance.

Wemtech assesses the requirement then make recommendations to design, plan and install your business' server & storage hardware for long term business efficiency. From the first server of a growing business to additional services such as server migration and upgrades for larger organisations, our IT engineers have the foresight and expertise to manage it all.
We communicate throughout, ensuring you understand the smallest or most complex jobs and the improvements in store for your business. From a single server providing access to files and printers to a multi-server virtualized environment leveraging enterprise level storage arrays, we ensure accuracy, efficiency and a well-managed project throughout.

We are experienced in building and installing solutions from vendors such as Nimble Storage, HP Enterprise, Dell & EMC.

If you would like to talk through server or storage installation and areas for improvement, please do get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or email

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