Your data is your business and no one else’s. We keep your systems safe and online to ensure a secure, trusted and confident business.

Damage from the aftermath of a virus has both long and short term consequences for all. The cost and effect of time lost, production and money can take weeks, often years to put right.

Threats come in many forms; SPAM, viruses, even simple internet browsing. This can be down to system or team error, often not intentional. More menacing is the deliberate act to cause distribution or even complete shut-down. The damage can be irreversible. Which is why it is essential to put systems in place to protect your business from complacency or misuse, internal and external.

Anti-virus and Malware Protection – Providing antivirus and malware protection to reduce the risk of data loss, creating a safe environment for systems and information. We put steps place to shield away the unwanted, giving you assurance, control and peace of mind.

Email and SPAM Protection - Protecting IT systems from the unexpected. Attacks which access your information and steal data once private. Our SPAM and mail protection solutions, safeguard data, ensuring a trusted environment to house day to day and confidential information from those who seek to create damage.

Internet Protection - Managing access to relevant and exploit free websites reduces the risk of exposing your users and data to vulnerabilities, as well as reducing distraction & adding compliance. Avoiding unnecessary conflict, creating a trusted, productive workplace for all.

Wemtech further secure your business with

  • Firewall & Perimeter protection

  • Endpoint Malware and Antivirus protection

  • Mail Security

  • Cyber Security & Web filtering

  • Mobile Device Management
  • To talk through how we can help protect your business against the unexpected and unwanted, please contact us on 0330 120 0606 or email

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