Mail Security

Stopping spam before it does any harm whilst assuring a fast, accurate delivery of business-critical email.

This is ‘Mail Secure’, a cloud-based email filtering and messaging assurance solution that protects your organisation with advanced email filtering technology.

How does it work?

‘Mail Secure’ filters out spam and malware in the cloud, before it even gets to your mail server. Your administrator, or each individual user, gets a daily/weekly/monthly report showing the stopped mail and allowing individual release on-demand, meaning no important emails will be mis-classified and missed by you.

What does it mean to you?

‘‘Mail Secure‘‘ provides industry-leading performance, simplicity, and low cost key service benefits:

  • Fully hosted service with no infrastructure cost
  • Email assurance for both inbound and outbound email
  • System AND human intervention used to classify emerging threats quickly
  • Simple and quick to deploy – literally just minutes
  • Reduced IT admin effort by providing an online personal dashboard and daily spam digest for users
  • Find all emails with powerful alerting and reporting for IT staff and users
  • Email flow protected should customer email servers become unavailable
  • Local support

If you would like to protect your business against spamming, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or email

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