Hosted VOIP

A hosted VoIP business phone system, offering more than a standard BT system AND at a great price.

Wemtech’s system is a smart, affordable, purpose-built phone system for small to medium sized businesses. We strive to ensure that our product isn’t just a good product, but gives our customers the capabilities they need to stay ahead.

Benefits of Wemtech’s Hosted VoIP Business Phone System

  • Multisite Premises - Sites are easily connected and act as one phone system.

  • Temporary Numbers - Add and remove numbers as needed.

  • Moving is Easy - No disruption to service even through a big office move.

  • Work from Home - Home & on-the-road working as if you were in the office with just your mobile.

  • Geographic Numbers - Choose the locality for your phone number, no matter where you are.

  • International Numbers - Even an international number to use in the UK.

  • Management is Easy - Control everything in the Web Portal; add numbers, change settings, delete users.

  • Monitor Calls - Gauge the effectiveness of your client service or sales team with real time call data / reporting.

  • Efficient Call Distribution - Ensure inbound calls are directed to the best person to handle them.

  • Disaster Resilient - With no physical equipment except phones on site, everything is safe in the cloud. Included are disaster resilient features to protect against connection failures and local site issues.

  • If you are interested in hosted VoIP business phone system and would like to talk through how it could fit into your business, get in touch on 0330 120 0606 or email

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