Simplifying your IT Infrastructure, a more efficient, easier way to reduce IT overheads.

Virtualization enables your business to deploy services and applications as and when required without any real impact on daily operations. For business owners looking to reduce their IT overheads, virtualization is becoming a favourable option. On top of this, it significantly simplifies your IT systems by making it more efficient and easier to administer.

Why Virtualization?

  • Hardware Virtualisation – The physical hardware is virtualised allowing for multiple virtual servers which may run different operating systems and applications simultaneously on the same hardware.

  • Desktop Virtualisation - Separates the desktop environment from the physical machine, which means businesses do not have to invest in powerful client machines. They can then invest in less expensive machines (thin clients) as the processing work is happens at the server, using its compute resource.

  • Reduction in IT expenditure - With businesses typically seeing a 50 – 70% reduction in overall IT costs. As well as costs associated with having fewer servers and client computers to run applications.

  • Improved resilience - An added level of independence for the virtual machines. Storage systems are designed with resilient components, virtual machines are not.

  • Reduction in energy costs – Cheaper to run one or two big servers than a dozen or more separate ones. Resources can be shut down when not in use which means less energy used, fewer costs overall.

  • Better resource utilisation - Easier to add capacity as the business grows.

  • Reduction in maintenance - With less time and money spent maintaining servers, patch management and upgrades become easier.

  • Adapted to growth - With less time and money spent maintaining servers, patch management and upgrades become easier.

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