Hosted Applications

Hosted Applications enable worldwide access to software packages that are essential for your business.

  • Ultimate flexibility - provide company wide access to your business applications from any location around the world.

  • Seamless upgrades with business growth - our cloud hosted platform eliminates the costs associated with traditional server & software upgrades. When your company grows, so does our system, enabling seamless growth and scaleability.

  • Cost effective and hassle free - Hosted Applications remove the problems associated with outdated traditional in-house server systems. Hosting your desktop applications makes remote working hassle free, which saves you time, money and makes employees more productive.

  • How does it work?

    Think of hosted applications as securely enabling world wide working to improve your accounts team productivity & efficiency.

    Steve and Natalie from the accounts department working in different countries, both securely accessing the same applications and data as though they are in the same building.

    Hosted Applications improve your workforce mobility, provide a reliable and efficient working platform and remove the need for in-house IT staff to maintain upgrade and backup your systems.

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